Mind Mapping

Its hard to break usual styles and habits. To quote the beaten cliche ‘old habits die hard’. The usual style for problem solving or brain storming has remained linear, which mostly leads to some kind of hypnotic state.

Mind mapping is a technique which is used to think radially or non-linearly. Mind Mapping pertains to visual thinking. It is a diagram with a loosely arranged cluster of words sorrounding a word or image. Its a non-formal hierarchy, which represent explosion of ideas in mind.

You start by jotting down the prime word regarding the issue at the center of page and then start adding related or not-so-related or even elusive words around it without thinking much. This way you can capture the explosion of ideas and points regarding the issue at hand. After the completion of your spray of ideas in the mind map, you can arrange the ideas with the satisfaction that you have almost all the points you know about the problem. After arranging the ideas you then come to know that whether you know enough or need to know more. You can infer patterns.

I think mind map can prove a very good tool regarding the blog posts. For a new blog post one can think up a topic and insert it in the middle of page, and then without thinking hard just start encircling the words that come to mind around the blog post title. After the words get exhausted then one can start building his post from those ideas.

Following is the example of a mind map of Oracle DBA I drew using MindMapper Pro.

Mind Mapping

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