Militias For Talibans

In the new strategy, the government has successfully convinced the tribesman of Khyber and Bajaur agency to form their own militas and Lashkars to fight out the Taliban in the areas, and as the first militia emerges, it already has captured eleven Talibans, and vows to not look book.

Due to months long skirmish and the operation and continuous unrest in the area, the people are outraged and now they want to get rid of the Taliban as soon as possible, and they are read to do anything for it, and now they have taken up arms for the safety and security of there areas, as they have got no where to observe the exodus.

This is a growing and palpable observation in the FATA areas, and especially in the Khyber Agency that people who have lived under Taliban rule for months or years are now anxious to do away with them. People want now Taliban out and want to have the writ of the government, which is very hopeful and refreshing. Many communities are outraged over the burning of schools and other actions by militants. In other cases, a struggle for power is also a factor in the efforts of tribesmen who have asked volunteers to take up arms against the Taliban.

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