Militants vindicating militancy!

Glancing at Dera Ismail Khan, Mardan, Kohat, Nowshera, Swat and even Peshawar one witnesses that writ of government is continuously defied by a number of non state actors and entities, ironically within the borders of a sovereign nuclear state posing a direct confrontation to the provincial authorities at large. In South Waziristan people are executed after a summary trial by Batiullah Mehsud under the banner of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan; in Peshawar Mangal Bagh, another militant commander kidnapping 16 members of Christian community taking them to Khyber agency molded under the banner of Lashkar-e-Islam and Mullah Fazalullah (Mulana Radio) blowing up a hotel at Malam Jabba, are the sketches of these illegally organized military insurgents leading to another series of vindicated insurgency in Northern areas of Pakistan since last few months.

The Islam they preach and interpret have the attributes of public executions, beheadings, burning barber and video shops, attacking girl’s schools and kidnappings; being unaware of the naked truth that in Islam, no form of terrorism – the imprudent slaughter of innocent — is ever justified. They use mistaken interpretation of Islam to justify acts of violence against innocents by providing an intellectual infrastructure for there terrorist movements. But it is not more then a house of false cards or twisted logic for that matter. For these synchronized extremists the objective is to terrorize the unbelievers by using hijacked religious values.

The rise of militancy in Pakistan has not happened overnight. Afghanistan, the bleeding wound for Soviet Union has surely bleed Pakistan too, due to the increased insurgency after US led Occupation strengthening Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The military operations further ruined the situation instead of improving the situation resulting in emergence of local Taliban movement. The movement was suppose to capture and handover fighters to US, instead tribes in Waziristan provided them refuge in order to keep Pakistani Taliban contended using appeasement policy for there short sighted interests. This reciprocally had to encourage militants to extend their prestige just like Hitler did as a result of appeasement policy adopted by allied powers.

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