Mien Na Manoon Haar

As the Election Commission bitterly allowed the leadership of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, to both Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shahbaz Sharif to contest the by election in June, the forces of Musharraf are hard at work to somehow ditch these two at the last moment.

All the resources, attention, focus and concentration of these forces is on somehow keep these two away from the by elections, and Musharraf doesnt want Nawaz Sharif to spoil his NRO game plan, which is going along right according to the script hatched by the Malik Qayyum and supervised and approved by the masters in the Pentagon.

Now in a recent development, when Shahbaz Sharif is all set to become the chief minister of Punjab, after getting elected unopposed from the Bhakkar Constituency of Punjab Assembly, there is a new petition in the Lahore High Court against both brothers and this is basically yet another attempt to stop these.

If that happens, then the Punjab would become aflamed.

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