Microsoft’s Culture and Yahoo

Yahoo is famous for its openness, while Microsoft is famous for its not-so-openness. If all remains well for MSFT, and it acquires Yahoo with much ado, then would it change Yahoo, or would it adapt it to Yahoo’s much celebrated culture?

Microsoft has surely a long long way to go as far as openness is concerned. Microsoft never likes the slogan that Google and Linux are the future, yet it continues to shut the world’s door to the high walls of Richmond, and its Windows, Office, and other products remain a mystery, though not for the hackers and crackers.

To give you an example of Microsoft’s closed culture; even though Microsoft says Silverlight as a “cross browser,cross platform plugin”, it doesn’t even list linux in its supported OS. Microsoft is the current Goliath of the computer industry, and Google is poised to become the next, which Microsoft doesn’t like for a moment, and hence the competition turns ugly and noisy.

We as a consumers and service users need to see trees from the forest, and we should encourage healthier competition, and we should pray that the race between Google and Microsoft remains on, so that we get more and more innovations for free. But for that Microsoft has to open up a little, and needs to be more compassionate.

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