(MicroSoft or Micro$oft) vs Google

Microsoft isn’t doing anything illegal as far as the its acquisition of Yahoo is concerned, but the problem is that the people don’t really trust them. Microsoft’s track record and its extreme capitalistic approach compels people to become apprehensive and dubious about the whole affair and about the intentions of Microsoft.

Though Microsoft has been trying hard, over all these years to show more humane side of it, and Bill Gates disperse huge amount of bucks through his foundation, and other charity works, but things hardly goes in there favour in that regard, and they are still considered as cold-blooded corporate monster who are out there to monopolize everything and everyone. People become so much obsessed about this idea that they replaced the S in MicroSoft with $ sign.

The thing is that this merger is rather good for the Information Technology industry, as Google is hurtling along the corporate path, which once Microsoft traversed, and Google is skewing the Internet Search Market, and the online advertisement. Right now Google is wielding so much power, its terrifying. In World Wide Web, right now Google is the prosecutor, the judge, the jury and the executioner.

So we need another bull in the virtual ring.

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