MicroSoft and Yahoo Marriage : What Baratis Think

There are primarily three players which are dominating the Internet scene world wide; Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Alliance of Yahoo and Microsoft will surely present a formidable challenge to Google.

Yahoo was slumping down the Internet arena steadily and its recent acquisitions weren’t also helping to recover the injuries suffered from the Google’s plethora of technologies. It is being said that the mega merger of these tow giants will save collectively $1billion in terms of cost involved in administration and R&D.

Yahoo is very highly unlikely to refuse Microsoft’s offer of $44.6B, which is, according to some IT Gurus, is a Godsend for Yahoo. There are so many apprehensions and speculations on the part of common consumers of Yahoo, who use it for their emailing, flickering and mybloglogging, and they are afraid that Microsoft will try to milk them and they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the free services anymore with the same quality.

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