Men, Women and our advancing society!

Few days back, the newspapers printed pictures of the female fighter pilots, who recently passed out and joined PAF .

Today, there’s another oppurtunity in the papers for women to join Pakistan army, as captains and majors. Army, I guess has been taking in females in medical, education, IT and administration.

Women are moving forward. Mentally educated, mature and more responsible.

What about men???

I guess it is really hard to educate a man’s  mind.  

1 thought on “Men, Women and our advancing society!”

  1. “I guess it is really hard to educate a man’s mind”.

    Are you sure of what you said? Do you really mean it? If yes, then I am amazed how can you? My dear if it would be difficult to educate a man’s mind, then there would be no opportunity for women at all. Just rethink once 🙂

    Thank You

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