Men get heart problems more often than women!

Do you know why men get heart problems more often than women? Hmmm….Strange! But why is this so?

Actually it is considered that boys are stronger than girls, both physically and mentally. Well that is true but still boys are humans.

Let’s start from the child age. When a boy gets some bruise or injury, we surely have heard every one saying that “Don’t cry, You are a boy” or “Yaar! Girls cry. Then why are you crying?”. To say, these are just few sentences, but these make up one’s psyche.

“Boys never cry”, “Boys are brave” and many sentences as that make boys to keep many expressions uncovered or unshared.

Boys grow up to become men and time passes on. Keeping secrets, stress, tensions and fears in them, they keep on working posing they are strong. This is when the all keeps on piling up in the heart creating unfelt burden.

Women weep or share when they get tensed and they are relieved. But men keep on gathering as they can’t burst into tears and they can’t cry. This stack makes the heart weak and men often catch heart diseases and heart attacks.


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