Memo Gate set to break every one’s Gait

memo gate gotchaThe twists and turn on memo issue seems to be far from over. With every passing day the revelations, counter revelations as well as stake holders of this issue are not only increasing, but their magnitude has become alarming. With Pakistan’s opposition under Mian Nawaz taking this matter to supreme court, it seems that this memo has become an unguided torpedo with everyone running for cover. To add more fuel to the already raging fire, the absence of PPP top man and Pakistan’s President has sent the entire machinery in a state of panic. Before moving any further on this issue I must wish the President best of health and an early return back home as well as his response to the issue.

The hasty press conferences (Mr Babar Awan) and changing arguments from the top executive (Mr Gillani) has made it crystal clear that the pace of events surrounding memo have somehow outpaced the executives and the establishment alike.

The week promised to be full of surprises as Supreme Court’s deadline on submission of answers from the President, the state, ex Ambassador to US, Mr Mansoor Ijaz, COAS & DG ISI was to expire. Mr Haqqani and Mr Ijaz submitted their respective replies along with relevant material well before the deadline while COAS & DG ISI made wandering minds guessing with their replies on the eleventh hour. The case before its regular hearing has placed the entire 180 million masses on their toes. The Military leadership in their reply regarding memo have endorsed its existence  on the 1st place as well have given their full consent to a full fledge inquiry into this matter, making it clear that they are in no mood of hiding this issue under the carpet, as seen earlier on numerous issues. The opposition on the other hand shares the same version, with its backing to judicial inquiry rather than the one conducted under the existing parliament. Now the interesting question which remains to be answered is that whether this orientation signals the judiciary, military and opposition on the same note versus the coalition holding power corridor?

The executive in every possible manner have given their best to make this issue a “no man’s issue”, memo a piece of paper which somehow due to certain unexplained chemical and biological reaction evolved itself and out of this a certain invisible force is tightening the noose not only around their necks, but the entire system as well.

Americans have been present in the center of this controversy right from day 1 and it seems that now their interest as well as stakes is growing even further. The massacre by our friends cum foe at Salala was whether a desperate act to pressurize the institutions following the memo eagerly or a flare to distract attention from this issue to save someone skin has in short backfired dramatically. Pakistan’s strong stance, for sure driven by raging public anger over the continued disgrace has left the ISAF/ Americans in Afghanistan virtually handicapped. It won’t be wrong to say that Pakistan’s blockade of their supplies for 23 days is nothing less than a night mare in term military strategy and warfare wisdom. It is like Americans have started singing with pain, though in a low pitch “Killing me softly”… and yes they are quite right in there calculations as well.

If you want me to give you the whole equation about Pakistan military and civilian leadership in one sentence, my say will be that currently they have willingly or unwillingly “locked themselves in a Cold War which has all the potential to become burning hot very shortly”.

To give you an insight into the gravity of this matter, Americans in the shape of General James Jones have jumped in to prove the memo as well as Mr Ijaz as fake, while the executor of this move have ignored that their own top security and military men have put their weight on the legitimacy and authenticity of the memo and Mr Ijaz on the other hand. Don’t you call it a head on collision?

The President refraining once again from accepting superior court mandate in the shape of not answering or reminding us of immunity will definitely make the situation more destructive. It is quite clear that the fingers will clearly surpass Hussain Haqqani’s shoulder once the hearing gets under way and it should have been better if the government under Mr Gillani and Mr Zardari had opted for full cooperation to this issue, rather than watching from sideline. But this doesn’t make the existing government out of options even if all the post proceeding evidence has gone the other side. One effort has been made to link the entire process of democracy with this memo, as if discovery of its creator or creators will pack up the entire system. The other option will be to fight a battle to the end without accepting any truth unearthed by courts so that it will lead to a complete state of chaos. In both conditions, they stand totally wrong and the simple matter can be resolved with a transparent and free inquiry, unless this will unearth what they don’t want anyone to unearth at all.

On media screen the ruling party is seen thrashing Mr Ijaz as someone who has been anti ISI and Pakistan’s military from day 1 making him someone without any credibility. Well, to flip this scenario anti clockwise this also makes Mr Ijaz the most appropriate person to carry out  a task against the said institution if any one wishes it, any time.

To sum it up, the military establishment has dug itself in with their statements in writing, making it certain that their will be no turning back from the reality of memo. The government in the above stated scenario’s is all out to go for the climax, unless they come out with a scapegoat to own this letter, which will be none other than Mr Haqqani.

For now, all we can do is to keep our fingers crossed!!

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