Mehsud’s Must be Dealt With Now

I believe the time has come when our security forces have to act with a bang in the strongholds of Mehsud Tribe in South Waziristan. Government has tried hard enough to bring the not-so-happy Mehsud militants to the table, but they, it seems, don’t understand the language of peace and harmony.

They have now crossed all the limits. With the spate of terrorists attacks in the form of suicide attacks, bomb blasts, assassinations and the ongoing insurgency alongside the tribal belt are enough to test the nerves of any Army, and their aggressive and bloody approach has displaced, killed and maimed thousands of people in that area.

The indulgence shown by the government in the form of Agreement of Feb 5, 2007 with Abdullah and Baitullah Mehsud, reached through the efforts of a special jirga, and the general amnesty to all militants sent a wrong signal, which they thought was its weakness.

There are reports appearing in the media that Baitullah Mehsud, the so called leader of Taliban Tehrik in Pakistan is getting huge aid from Indian agency RAW, and he is exploiting the name of religion to fullfil the nefarious designs of our enemies. It’s time he should be ruthlessly neutralized.

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