Medical Science does not detect Black Magic

A child ended up with a stomach ache. His father took him to a clinic. Medicine was given but the pain grew worse. This continued for a few months. This turned into years. Hospitals, injections, tablets, syrups, tests, x-rays, everything. After 5 years someone suggested that it might be black magic. The father wanted to laugh it off but the exhaustion of hospital trips and the pain of seeing his child suffer for 5 years made him try this too.

An amil was called and he took the child’s shirt, measured it, and then told the father to hold it from one end while he held it from another. The amil told the father to pull when he instructs. At the same time the amil pulled it too, from the other end. Just when the shirt was pulled from both ends a doll dropped from the shirt with pins attached to it. I don’t know what the amil did with the doll but after this procedure the child did not have any furthur stomach aches.

This story is a clear indication that medical science is useless when it somes to detecting and curing Black Magic. A person suffering from the symptoms of Black Magic will not get cured by medicine. I’m not saying that a person should not go to a hospital if he/she is suffering. What i’m saying is that if doctors tell you everything is fine or if they give you medicine that does not have an effect, know that Black Magic has been done on you.

6 thoughts on “Medical Science does not detect Black Magic”

  1. Doctors should learn the art of deception to perception to become even better doctors but the thing is the deal with real diseases and not with fabricated ones. I do believe in black magic and its affects but what I dont believe is this mass production of black magic by millions of its MASTERS as it is made to believe to the masses…. ITNAY HERO NAHE HAIN DUNYA MEY BHAI:)

  2. Doctor, who is more retarded: the people who believe in black magic or those who write about it? This guy must’ve written at least fifteen to twenty posts dealing with this subject in one way or the other, and I’ve advised him many times to go to a psychiatrist. But he simply refuses to believe that he’s not normal.

  3. I met an Amil too, his name was david blaine… he put a quarter on the table and placed a cloth on top…then he asked one of the audience members to place a hand on the cloth…he could feel the coin underneath his palm…and then David gently tapped on the top of his hand and voila!! the coin was gone…. all the doctors standing by were AMAZED! They said this could not be possible.

    This story is a clear indication that medical science is useless when it comes to detecting and curing Black Magic

  4. Yoo Shoo, are you saying that the doll was there under his shirt all the time and it dropped when the father and the amil pulled the shirt from both ends? The doctors must’ve told the boy to take off his shirt when they examined him, so why didn’t it drop then? And why was didn’t the boy tell his dad about the doll being there under his shirt all the time?


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