Media Vs Lawyers Now

Times do change so as the interest, and I have no doubt that the best place to view this is Pakistan. In the 2 year long judicial struggle, we saw a remarkable coordination and cooperation between media and the lawyers community. Where lawyers were facing a barbaric police action, media was also engaged in a war whether it was with PEMRA or other authorities like this. Toward the end, it is well known that media played the primary role in bringing the masses to the roads, which lead to the historic victory of justice in the society.

Along that road, there were minor incidents where media was mishandled, and in most cases it was found that an external element played its part. But some very disturbing development has taken place recently. Yesterday, the news screen were flashing with images of a group of lawyers thrashing an on-duty police officer, within the premises of the court. The very next day a repeat of the same incident has taken place, only the policeman has been replaced by the camera crew of a local television channel. This is the first time that lawyers have indulged in directly attacking the media community. Although its till immature to say anything in this regards as no inquiry has concluded yet, one thing is for sure that certain element in the lawyers community have elevated themselves above the law. This is definitely bringing a bad name to the entire community which was awarded the status of heroes after their historic struggle.

The point of bringing this issue to the table is nothing more than to make governing lawyer bodies and bars to realize that if this continues like this, soon they will be considered in the league of our police force, whose efficiency and credibility has hardly improved in the last 62 years. The delivers of law can soon find themselves into the folds of law if they go on like this. A proper inquiry must be initiated in this regards.

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