Media: The most corrupt institution of Democracy

Corruption takes place when there is love for money or desire to generate more revenue in certain available number of resources. For any business to progress and prosper, procreating controversies is all time high and in demand. It wont be erroneous that media is an organization that progresses and makes money on speculations. Larger the speculations time frame, bigger the profit.

Therefore free media means the most corrupt institution of a democratic setup. Despite all its negative aspects it is encouraged to work as an entrepreneur in democratic societies. It is said, “The media are only as liberal as the conservative businesses that own them.”

It means it completely depends on the owner, how to shape, reshape and dis-shape any news or views for one’s own advantage. Due to this aspect one cannot apprehend that such a system would work for reconstruction of polity or politics. The negative aspects not only affect individuals but communities and state’s own reputation.

Television channels in specific and print media in general are always in search of controversial news. There search does not ends with publishing or making Live that specific news but the section of “opinion” and “analysis” is what serves the real purpose. Controversy or in other words propaganda is the tool that provides attraction to this medium thus, serving as the most corrupt institution of democracy.

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