Media Foiled Nawaz’s Reception

For the progress of any country, the role of free media is paramount and inevitable. Without a free and independent media, the dream of a developed country is always remains a dream and never becomes a concrete reality. Media is the only in today’s dynamic and agile times, which impresses the public opinion.

Despite of all the evils and ills, current regime has done some considerable and commendable measures to liberate the media. These efforts of government have not also been commended in the country, but also in the international media. It’s still to be understood that whether the decision of liberating the media was done in a good faith or not, but let’s this time trust the government and believe for a change that ok, it was a nice thought after all on the part of government officials.

The independence of media in Pakistan has not only earned the government a good name all over the place, but also have benefited it in a long and grand way. Now whenever something thrilling happens at the national scene, which requires the participation of public for the success, and which is normally against the will of government, people tend to stay at home, and enjoy the political drama in front of their TVs flicking through different channels.

I think one of the reason, public didn’t come to welcome Nawaz Sharif on 10th of September was that they were glued to their TVs, waiting for some live action. All the news channels, were showing live coverage with young and energetic reporters, who were covering every action from all the perspective. If one reporter was at the airport, the other was outside on the roads in Rawalpindi, and the other in Blue Area Islamabad, covering how police were beating down on the protestors. One reporter was in Attock bridge showing the blockage, and others were reporting live from Karachi, Lahore and Peshawer.

Along with the live coverage, another attraction was the talk shows in which different experts from disparate sides were airing their views, and were busy in slicing and dicing the matter at hand. It was a real and complete fun.

I got up early, full of excitement and anticipation. I opened-up eyes, found the remote control of TV, switch on the TV, and asked for a cup of tea. I started from ARY OneWorld. They were showing their damn time-check of every 15 minute. I cursed them, and went to Geo News. They were showing that the plane of Nawaz Sharif was about to land at Islamabad International, and police has sealed the 5km area around the airport and all the G.T road from Attock to Lahore was also blocked. There were small clashes going at many places. I watched all the drama unfolded for 5 hours on different channels with relish and lots of tea.

I didn’t for one moment realize that oh this perhaps yet another attempt at the restoration of democracy. I was just little annoyed that oh, why didn’t more public came out, then I remembered that they were just like me, enjoying it on TV and expecting others to come out.

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