Media Consumption Pattern In Pakistan!

We all know that in contemporary society, the mass media serve as a powerful agent. We as viewers learn and internalize some of the values, beliefs and norms presented in media products. From a sociological perspective, the media plays a crucial role in almost every aspect of daily life. So it is evident that media is very dominant.

Media has become an important part of our country and its culture. Each and every day, people interact with media of many different forms. Every form has its own consumption pattern but among dominant and common forms of media, the widely used media form is Television because it can be used by both ignorant and literate persons and it caters to all different varieties of channels including news, dramas, sports, songs, films etc. In addition to it, Television provides us the best quality picture with sound and music and we may do a number of household tasks while watching Television.

Newspapers have been around forever. They serve as a purpose to inform people what is going on in the world and in their own towns. The news on television is only on for about an hour, they would not be able to tell people what is going on in their individual towns. If there were no newspapers, people would have to make sure they watch TV or listen to the radio to get the news, but for people who work all day, that might be impossible. In addition to it, it has become a daily habit of people to read newspapers. Perhaps that is the reason people still read it.
Internet is the only medium where you can get every thing from information to entertainment. You may open a number of websites on internet at one time. It means it is a very useful invention which specially caters to professionals and students.

Although the trend of listening to radio is declining but even then a number of people still listen to it. But the basic purpose is to get entertainment.

Going to cinema is really rare in our country. Well, there are few reasons for this: Our movies are not of good standard and they do not depict our culture, truly based on somewhat non existent Punjabi culture. Plus, our cinemas are not in good condition as well so who would like to go there?

Concluding the topic, I would say that every form of media is in use although their consumption patterns differ from each other. Usage of every medium depends upon its easy access, reliable information provided by the media, technology sophistication, reasonable price etc. In our country, the consumption of the above described media is in the following manner:

1. Television
2. Newspapers
3. Internet
4. Radio
5. Cinema

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