McCain vs Obama: They Debate, and We Wonder

John McCain vs Barack Obama

The string of debate has started in the United States between the presidential candidates, and while they strive hard to give sound bites to media to gain last minute changed voters, the poor countries like Pakistan watch in bewilderment, when these candidates express their views about them.

President Barack Obama will send troops into Pakistan to catch senior Al Qaeda leaders, but if the Republicans win, President John McCain will not. He will rely on political and economic engagement with Pakistan to defeat terrorists. That has given creeps to the policy makers in Islamabad, and that is why president Zardari has extended his stay in the land of the masters.

Obama, whose chances are more bright than McCain is spewing fire. “We’ve got to deal with Pakistan, because Al Qaeda and the Taliban have safe havens in Pakistan, across the border in the northwest regions,” Mr Obama insisted. “Although, you know, under George Bush, with the support of Senator McCain, we’ve been giving them $10 billion over the last seven years, they have not done what needs to be done to get rid of those safe havens.”

We should badly on our toes from now on.

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