MBAs, Engineers and Doctors from developing countries working minimum wage jobs in Canada

If a person wants to work in the West, they will either need a degree from the West or they will need a further degree, if they already have one. The other choice is repeating exactly what they did from their own country. A person should not expect to get a job with their degree from a developing country, no matter how highly qualified they are. If a person does not pay heed to this, he will end up working as a cleaner, in a coffee shop, as cashier and other humiliating minimum wage jobs.

The West does not point this out, for fear of losing immigrants. I mean, isn’t it better to have educated people do these kinds of jobs. They want people from developing countries to fill these kinds of positions. They do not mind destroying lives. The cruelty of the West is unmatchable.

I am not saying that they should accept degrees from developing countries. I mean, you can get a degree for five rupees. What I’m saying is that they do not highlight this. In fact, they give the indication that they are doing their best to keep it a secret. People sell their property and everything they have to start their Western dream only to find themselves degraded to a horribly low standard of living they could not have possibly imagined.

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  1. You are right about lot of things here. For more information, you can look here

    But I’m worry about the way you get to it, like “The West does not point this out, for fear of losing immigrants” and “What I’m saying is that they do not highlight this”. It seem like “the West” intentionnaly is looking to hide you the truth. Do you really believe it?

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