May 1st : Another Holiday

Today is the 1st May, and when I woke up today at 11:38 am, then I wondered about as why I didn’t go to office today. Then suddenly I recalled that it’s May 1 and its a national holiday. After putting more stress on my still sleepy mind, I managed to recall that this national holiday had something to do with the Labors and their marked day and something happened in Chicago and in Australia more than hundreds year back, and due to that I have got this holiday.

According to the Wikipedia, Labour Day is an annual holiday celebrated all over the world that resulted from efforts of the labour union movement, to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. On 21 April 1856 Stonemasons and building workers on building sites around Melbourne, Australia, stopped work and marched from the University of Melbourne to Parliament House to achieve an eight hour day. Mayday is also an emergency code word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications.

So on this May Day, workers all around the world are issuing from their every pore, the MayDay signals to show their dismal plight and their hell like life. The recent price hike and shortages of power and food has made their difficult lives hell, and they are finding it extremely hard to meet their ends.

So Happy holiday, but wait what about those who are supposed to be remembered through this holiday?

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