Maulana Brothers have fallen prey to Hidden Hands…

While we all are aware of the hot issue these days and one feels confused about who is right. When I see that Maulana Brothers had been fighting for a valid cause, I certainly fix my mind on their side. But today what I have watched on TV seems quite odd at their end.

The media is now showing the arms or weapons recovered from the compound of the Jamia Hafsa. So every time I watch it, I get confused. But I remember, the last time Maulana Abdul Rasheed, talked to Geo at 5 o clock in morning on Tuesday and in that he said that he wanted the negotiators or Govt to visit the Jamia Hafsa and see by themselves that they have got not much weapon. He also said that the Govt is not doing so and after he will be martyred, the Govt will put different weapons there and name it as terrorism.

The people are astonished at how they could gather so much weapon when there had been the Intelligence office just about one and half kilometer from the Jamia Hafsa.

I remember the issue is on screen for some months and due to this, this would have caught the eyes of the ISI. So I have come to the point that it’s all conspiracy against them.

People are driven to right or wrong through the media and here media will play the biggest role. I have watched common people being interviewed on TV to answer if the Govt has done good or not, and more than ninety percent are in favor of the Government. To my amazement, until now, I have not met any single person speaking for the Govt.

All the demands made by the Maulana Brothers were absolutely valid and imposition of Shariah is included in the constitution as well. No single demand was invalid and only the Govt didn’t want the Shariah to be imposed and that’s it. Had the Govt accepted the law of Allah, there wouldn’t have been the situation like this.

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  1. Dear Jude Allen Pereira …

    I am still firm on what I said. Our President is a dictator. This issue could have been solved with negotiations. The Maulana Brothers did nothing wrong. They first tried to put on Islamic Shariah by asking the president and when it was not accepted, they headed forward. It is Islam that says that
    if u see something wrong going on, stop it with hand…then if u dont have the courage, stop it by yr tongue that is orally, and if this is also not possible, then consider it wrong in yr hearts but it is the weakness of yr faith in Islam.
    So Islam is not that u just keep on polite and calm but it is that u preach and stop the wrong things happening.
    Our country is taking up all those wrong things forbidden in Islam.
    My father, and most of the relatives are serving army but still we know that all which has happened is wrong.
    Ok if u still think that I am wrong, then I dont know if u know what happened on 12 may in Karachi, Pakistan. The fuss creators were indicated clearly on the media. Then why did the govt do nothing about them. Because those were like an allie of the govt.

  2. Thats an absolutely insane point of view!!! You need to get some facts right Ms. Tina. Militants were seen upfront with AK 47 Assault rifles on top of the Masjid and surrounding areas. Media was not biased in their views and footage. Remember, the media is always quick to report the exact truth – and several media channels were present at the spot.

    Secondly, no one has the right except the government who decides and governs – and last of all, it is the right of every human to decide as well. Islam is implement even in the UAE. . . and a majority of my friends living there are living the way of Islam in its true sense. They fast (but never make a big deal of it like we do here) they pray 5 times (without disturbing their next door neighbor) and they are very very tolerant towards anything outside their beliefs (as taught: Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance) Also remember, the national flag has the Green and White – Kindly do figure out who represents the white before imposing on Shahriah. Thank you.


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