Matta, the Flash Point

The whole of Swat has erupted into the flames but the Tehsil Matta is the main focus and this is where the action is going on right now between the Pakistani security forces and the Talibans of local origin.

The militants attacked a security post in their known stronghold in the Matta Tehsil and took about 25 security personnel hostage. After the overnight pounding of various positions of the militants, the security forces, backed by gunship helicopters, carried out an operation and shelled suspected militant positions in several troubled parts of the valley, including Peuchar, Namal, Ronial, Sarbanda and Chuprial that left 48 dead and as many injured.

According to the media reports, In Jura area of Matta Tehsil, shelling by the Army gunship helicopters injured 13 people. They could not be taken to hospital as curfew remained in place for the entire day.In Shangwatai area of the Tehsil, two persons were killed as the peach orchard, they were working in, was targeted by military gunship helicopters.

The paradise of Swat has never seen such display of fire and ammo before and the land where once tourism was thriving has become ghost town, and as the Talibans are targeting motels and other government installations, there is little chance of recovery in the long run.

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