Massive Strife and Attacks in FATA

It was horrific to learn that more than six hundred militants, most of them foreigners, coming from the Paktika province of Afghanistan have attacked the security check posts of Frontier constabulary and have killed mercilessly many people and destroy six check posts.

That is extremely alarming because never before in this so called war on terror, such a big attack has occurred and this time not only militants came in hordes they also attacked and then returned. How come they were not detected as they came and why not they were intercepted on their return raise many questions.

The fierce clash between militants and security forces in the Mohmand Agency, which happened under the nose of the political and military administration of FATA, in which 40 militants and at least six troops were killed, clearly tells the story of the independence of Taliban in that area and it is also suggestive of the bare fact that the Taliban and other elements continue to pose an immense threat to the nation and the writ of state.

Enough is enough and now it’s time to rise to this alarming genie which is about to take over everyone. The government needs to step in and act. It is senseless to simply ignore what is happening or hope that it will just go away. But then ANP leadership is as hopeless of Zardari.

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