Massive death of Birds and Fish in Arkansas

dead birds in arkansas

Humans have long been damaging the natural balance of wild life and resources around the globe. Wild life has been diminishing around the globe in a constant manner and is not something new and astonishing. But the recent events that occurred in Arkansas in southern United States, have not yet been satisfyingly explained by scientists and wildlife experts.

dead fish in arkansasFirst 3,000 red-winged blackbirds fell dead from the sky at New Year’s eve. Then nearly 100,000 fish were found dead at the shores of Arkansas River, 100 miles away.

Official reports on the incident were that birds were probably killed by lightening or some high altitude hail. In case of the fish some epidemic or illness is the cause behind the massive death. But wild life experts suggest that if an epidemic does spread it does not kill all the fish of the same specie at the same time. You do find dead fish on the shore but in few numbers and numbers increases by day.

Just after a few days when birds fell dead at Arkansas, 500 birds fell dead in Louisiana. Experts suggest that blunt trauma due to celebratory fireworks on New Year led to the deaths of these birds. But the question is how and why in such a huge number? Wild life officials however deny the possibility of fireworks being the reason. If so why it does not happen at every occasion each year?

The conspiracy theory however suggests that HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme), a research project initiated to investigate the layers of the atmosphere, is behind the death of these animals.

Another conspiracy theory suggests that electromagnetic waves emerging from electric and telephone poles could be fatal for the birds. Have you ever noticed that a bird never makes a nest on or near a telephone pole? Telecommunication poles are also proven to be detrimental for human health and are strictly avoided in populated residential areas.

According to the Cornell lab of Ornithology (study of birds), red winged black birds are the most abundant birds in South America. Wildlife experts are unable to give a final clue on what was the cause behind massive deaths of these animals and government officials always try to hide the truth.

But the fact of the matter is sudden animal death is a strong sign that something detrimental is going on which needs to be checked because it might be potentially harmful for the human life as well and we may not be aware of it yet.

3 thoughts on “Massive death of Birds and Fish in Arkansas”

  1. This is environmental poisoning.
    Authorities lie and point to natural causes to cover for
    industrial crimes. Just look at Obama: frontman for BP OIL,
    as it poisoned our gulf. It’s still dying a slow death.
    Criminals. All of them.

  2. CNN reports a 4.7-magnitude earthquake struck central Arkansas just after 11 p.m. Sunday (12 a.m. ET Monday).

    The United States Geological Survey the quake’s epicenter was 37 miles from Little Rock, Arkansas.

    Could this be related?


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