Marriage of TV and Web

In my opinion, TV and web make a natural couple. But strangely enough there inst a fine and pleasant relationship between these two. They are not combining with each other, as they should be. Its really strikingly interesting. One more thing I would like to predict, that their fusion with in each other is bound to happen, sooner or latter. Better it be sooner for the benefit of the world.

Television has got an upper edge on internet by a wide margin due to many reasons in Pakistan. To list a few, illiteracy, poverty, digital divide etc are the main reasons. Television has also been on top because of its first-come advantage. More than half of the Pakistanis dont know what internet is all about, but they know what the TV is.

Everyone knows the names and programs of the TV channels, due to the limited scope. But, you cant memorize all the stuff on the internet, and that is its beauty and usefulness. The gigantic and limitless scope of choice on web enables a viewer (or reader/writer for that matter) to select whatever he wants from billions of choices.

For years the TV networks have spent billions of rupees on promotion, people and production to try to create a definable and sustainable brand that drives viewership. In the world wide web era, it hasn’t worked as choice has significantly diluted their audiences.

PTV was doing a fine job to move the people away from TV, and the chances of more rapid web infusion in the society was on the cards but cable TV has put yet another life in the TV culture, but its just the matter of time, web will take everything by storm in Pakistan.

As mobile phone has grown more than just a phone, world wide web has also grown just a research source. There is a duplication of content on web and TV, with the difference that web is interactive,limitless, agile and efficient. The duplication of effort on the part of content generators is something to be discouraged.

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