Marketing is not enough !!!

Marketing is not the panacea to sell your product all over the place to everyone. If your product is lousy, or the customer service sucks, or the room for improvement is limited or non-existent, then the product is bound to fail. It is literally doomed in the long run.

At any cost or for any reason in the world, marketing cannot render a product that sucks suck less. Marketing is not a cure all. If your product or service doesn’t deliver as preached, you will be the only one left behind to ditch it.

If you believe you have that perfect product needed by people out there, you need to build loyal user base. That loyal user base will evangelize your product to others. Nothing beats word of mouth. Nothing defeats the recommendation of a friend or family member or a colleague. In order to make a loyal user base, you need to reward them periodically. This is not to say that give them free products or pay them for promoting your products, but to reward them in recognition of their loyalty. Reward can be in any form. A hand-written note of thanks from you, a free t-shirt, a mug, a pen, a DVD promo, a booklet, mentioning of your name at his site, anything. You could even give the user that special-discount/get-one-thing-free-of-charge but as a unique “thank-you” rather than something they were promised in exchange.

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