About management people may say that it is what managers do. People may also consider it an art of getting things done through others. It can also be called as art of increasing productivity. It is basically the process of planning, organizing staffing, directing and controlling. It has techniques of leadership and decision making and is a means of coordination.

Management can also be thought of as economic resource, a factor of production or a system of authority. Management is a social science that deals with people. It has certain principles that can be applied anywhere. It is basically an authority system and goal-oriented. All such concepts explain different aspects of management.

Management functions by taking up steps that include planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordination, controlling decision-making, risk bearing, and communication.

Managing our chores from daily routine to running large business has many benefits. Thus management is must at levels of organization. This helps us in achieving group objectives, smooth working of the plan, optimum use of the resources, increase in profit rate, and much more.

Management is thus an art. It is systematic application of skill or knowledge for achieving desired results.

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  1. i think management is entirely about social science actually its a psychological .. its about how to take control and how to get an effect of orders you make in the post you are in. and its about being charming, being a manager/leader has a lot to do with your personality and its a gift. not anyone can be a successful manager.

  2. There are crucial issues, which certainly lead the organization to growth .. It may turn down the graph of expansion if any wrong decision been taken … Manager’s are trained in every way to deal and come up with such plans, it benefit’s firm’s productivity !


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