Man, God’s Vicegerent

In both worlds, everywhere are the marks of love;
man himself s a mystery of love.
Love’s secret belongs hot to the world of wombs,
not to Shem or Ham, Greece of Syria:
a star without East and West, a star unsetting
in whose orbit is neither North no South.
The world I am setting tell his destiny,
their exegesis reaches from earth to heaven.
Death, grave, uprising, judgment are his esttes,
the light and fire of the other world are his works;
himself is Imam, prayer and sanctuary,
himself the Ink, himself the Book and the Pen.
Little by little what is hidden in him becomes visible;
it has no boundaries, its kingdom no frontiers.
His being gives value to contingent things,
his equilibrium is the touchstone of contingent things.
What shall I declare of his sea without a shore?
All ages and all times are drowned in his heart.
That which is contained within man is the world,
that which is not contained within the world is man.
Sun and moon are manifest through his self-display;
even Gabriel cannot penetrate his privacy.
Loftier than the heavens is the station of man,
and the beginning of education is respect for man.

Man alive in heart, do you know what thing life is?
One-seeing love that is contemplating duality:
man and woman are bound one to the other,
they are the fashioners of the creatures of desire.
Woman is the guardian of the fire of life
her nature is the tablet of life’s mysteries;
she strikes our fire against her own soul
and it is her substance that makes of the dust a man.
In her heart lurk life’s potentialities,
from her glow and flame life derives stability;
she is fire from which the sparks break forth,
body and soul, lacking her glow cannot take shape.
What worth we possess derives from her values
for we are all images of her fashioning;
if God has bestowed on you a glance aflame
cleans yourself, and behold her sanctity.

You from whose faith the present age has taken all fire,
now I will tell you openly the secrets of the veil.
The jog of creation is a fire in the body
and society is lightened b that light,
and whosoever takes any portion of that fire
watches jealously over his private passion;
all the time he fixes his gaze on his own image
Lest his tablet should receive any other image.
Muhammad chose solitude upon Mount Hira
and for a space saw no other beside himself
our image was then poured into his heart
and out of his solitude a nation arose.
Though you may be an unbeliever in God.
yet you cannot gainsay the Prophet’s glory.
Though you possess a soul illumined as Moses
Yet without solitude your thoughts remain barren;
by isolation the imagination becomes more vivid,
more vivid, more questing, more finding,
Science and passion are both stations of life
both take a share of the impact of events.
Science derive pleasure from verification,
love derives pleasure from creativeness,
Display is very precious to the verifier,
to the creator solitude is very precious,
The eye of Moses desired to behold being
that was all part of the pleasure of verification,
thou shalt not see Me contains many subtleties
lose yourself a little while in this sea profound.
On all sides life’s appear unveiled,
its foundation wells up in the heart of creation.
Consider the tumult that rage through all horizons;
inflict not on the Creator the trouble of display
solitude is the protection of every artist,
solitude is the bezel in the artist’s ring.

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