Male Domination in Our Society

No matter how broad minded, trendy, fashionable, qualified we can be but we are still lacking in discrimination power and gender politics is still going on in our country within our nation. Whether we live in urban areas or in a city, we are still living in male dominating society and our mind has not yet accepted to change this fact. Even when our country was running by female Prime Minister some years ago, even then we did not proceed to quit this “Discrimination Difference”.

Our houses are still dominated by male members, our offices, banks and different organizations are running by male workers although women have made their own prestige and standard and they have showed and proved already that “women are not at all less then men”, but still we are same as before and no doubt if we won’t give a chance for a change it will be like same forever.

Being women myself, I believe in myself and definitely think that I can do much better than a man in any field and this believe make me proud of myself!! And I think every woman should first respect themselves then only they can expect from others to respect them.

2 thoughts on “Male Domination in Our Society”

  1. i am living in manchester. left pakistan as i was discriminated by male domination attitude. i am a father of 4 daughters.


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