Major and Minor Weak Links

A habitual mode of inaction or unconcern is awaited every year causing extra guaranteed harm and damage to the civilian in Pakistan. The last week’s incident of gas explosion in Rawalpindi at a school has also been witnessed as another incident of our civil society but would be in memory of the affected parents as a mega assassination of the future, creating further distrust towards the system. Mere children are the key targets of such irrelevant gas leakages that introduce unwanted adventurism and ugly experiences in there short lived lives. It cannot be termed as carelessness but rather irresponsibility of officials at these educational centers.

With education almost common in the society it has begun to serve the purpose of business entrepreneur and not all about quality education. These educational institutes are more concerned with the high fees and less attentive on providing adequate facilities to the students relating to security resulting in such disasters. What immediately is needed to be done is an enforcement plan from the government, with a strike ban on gas heaters in all schools without any discrimination based on lower level to high elite schools. This would serve a number of purposes:

First and important of all it would diminish the chances of any such gas explosions in the schools ensuring security of children. Secondly, the ban would also be conclusive because it would be adopted by all educational institutes without any discrimination. Third, it would be illegal if any school is still found with gas heaters for which they could be charged penalties. Fourth, it would increase the resistance towards harsh weather conditions in both children and staff. And last but not the least, it would contribute to deal positively in the gas shortage the country is facing and therefore would be used in more of developmental sectors contributing in the growth of our economy.

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