Madness in Peshawar

At least 29 people confirmed dead in an explosion in Koocha Risaldar located behind Qisa Khawani Bazar in Peshawar. The loss of property is immense, and the whole city is in the grip of fear and anger. While terrorists have their way in Peshawar, the ANP provincial government and the PPP government in center are hurling blames at each other.

These forces are not from any religious outfit as is claimed by the Rehman Malik and his cronies and the so called secular Awami National Party. There can be no doubt that such forces have nothing to do with religion. Indeed they represent the anti-thesis to anything that is good or moral.

The rising incidents of terrorism show that the reason why they have grown in number over the years is linked directly to the failure of authorities to act against them. The foreign hands is for sure there, because from where else these terrorists could finance their operations, and also there is massive training going on along with the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan run by Indians for the terrorism.

It’s a complete security failure of authorities, who have resigned to the fact. No measures have been taken to deal with elements involved in such gory attacks, which are weakening the roots of Pakistan.

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