Low Voter Turnout

Though only 4 days and some hours remain when the polling booths would be opened for vote casting throughout the country except some areas where military operation is going on, it seems that the effects of operations are everywhere, and there is every chance that these elections would draw the most least turnout ever, and some circles are even predicting a turnout even less than 30%, which is extremely poor and pathetic and tells the story of current situation in the fatherland.

It seems that government is also not that much interested in getting the voters out of their homes. Federal government has announced just one holiday, and now a huge number of voters who work out of their native cities, where their votes are wouldn’t be able to poll their votes.

Besides of these the recent spate of terrorism has also dampened whatever spirits were left in the populace. Also the stern restriction of government over the protests and other activities are also very much a deterrent for the voters. Now if the voters and political activists consider that a rigging has been done in a polling station, then they wouldn’t be able to protest, because of the warnings.

So things are pretty much cold and dismal at the election front.

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