Lover or businessman?

There are two kinds of people; lovers and businessmen.

Businessmen are those that give and take with measure. They know and find out how much they need to give in order to take what and how much they desire. They play with the statistics so that they can come up with the optimal solution that decreases the ‘gifts’ and increases income. This approach completes transactions efficiently and grows business that is it creates a system where the human being works to keep the system alive and improve the system’s efficiency. But sooner or later the human being understands that all his energy was spent on something that doesn’t really exist in himself but is a mere procedure that he had mistaken for a way for life.

Lovers are those that give unconditionally and without measure, they take without measure as well but they dont care how much they take. They find ways to give and ways to understand how giving makes them happy. They learn and experience the act of giving in order to be love. They might not complete transactions completely or efficiently but they understand why transactions are made and  concordantly adapt and adopt to be ready for greater transactions. Lovers change themselves because they live for themselves and not for the technique. When they reach the latter part of their age, they ‘carry’ their experience with them.

Lovers and businessmen are two ways of living that may exist simultaneously in one person, that which dominates is the one that shapes his destiny.

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