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Hi readers! Lahore’s latest company, Lotus Client Management & Public Relations (www.lotuspk.com) has teamed up with Chowrangi to update everyone on Pakistan’s social happenings! Our first write up, below, is all about a charity fashion drive Lotus publicized earlier this month.

The Bargain Basement Sale, held on Friday, Oct 5th was once again a phenomenal success, raising over 1.7 million rupees in less than 4 hours!

This year, with over 2000 designer items exhibited and donations ranging from 10 – 100 items from over 100 designers and labels, the sale was a big charity fashion event attended by Lahore’s socialites, charity conscious and shopaholics alike! The entire amount raised was donated to Yasmeen Lari’s organisation, Karavan Pakistan, which has been working in the Northern Areas since the earthquake devastated the region. Karavan have built over 1,200 houses in this area thus far and have also established a crafts programme to give women income generating opportunities. They are currently looking into building schools in these areas. The funds generated form the 2005 Basement Bargain Sale were also sent towards earthquake relief via three organisations: CARE Foundation , who provided permanent housing, RSPN , which was providing food to those affected and CHAL who specialised in providing prosthetic limbs to those in need. This year, the team felt very strongly that monies should be channelled to help those who are still in need, having lost all to the earthquake almost two years ago. They felt that attention needed to be brought back to the relief effort to ensure sustainable development in the affected areas.

The Fundraisers comprise of an assortment of seventeen charitable professionals and numerous volunteers. They were established with the aim of raising funds for charitable organizations in Pakistan who are dedicated to doing great work, but are finding it difficult to make ends meet. So, as to help alleviate this burden, The Fundraisers , quite literally, raise funds for these organizations by holding events such as the Bargain Basement Sale . The idea is to hold fun and interesting events so that those attending, get something out of the event equal to what they are giving towards it. At the same time, the team are tackling the problem of donor fatigue in the country by showing people that giving to others can actual be enjoyable and fun.

The 2007 Basement Bargain Sale was covered exclusively by Radio 1, FM 91 and Fashion TV Pakistan.

Look out for The Fundraisers next year!

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