Lost Glory Of Pakistan Cricket

World Cup TrophyMy father is a fan of sports. As eldest of my siblings I am very close to him. He use to watch wrestling, hockey and Cricket with zeal and passion and I accompanied him since my childhood. I use to see all matches with my father. I was ten when Pakistan won the glorious world cup of cricket in 1992. I remember me and my father so crazy for the matches that we use to skip regular work and just watch TV. He had a transistor with him all the time to know match scores. These days are just a dream now. We all were so excited and extremely happy when Ramiz Raja took the last catch. It was the most memorable moment of our lives.

Than this time of celebration come again when Pakistan team reached World cup finals under captaincy of Wasim Akram against Australia. I finished all my work before Pakistan innings and we all sat in front of TV, waiting for that celebrating moment come again but it was a huge disappointment when we lost the finals. From that day me and my father never commented and watched cricket match with that passion and zeal. Our feelings were so hurt that we couldn’t even talk about that.

The lost glory of cricket is still hard to regain. As I knew the result of last one day between Pakistan and Australia, our team was unable to chase 199 despite of the fact that Australian key players are playing IPL. But “Hasrat un ghunchon pe hai jo bin khilay miurjha gay” and my hope to win ended in a smoke.

Wining and losing is part of game but I can’t see any will to win. The body language of Younis Khan shows that if we win its OK and if we loose whats a big deal about it. If the captain lacks the will to win how could the team can?

World cup 2011 is snatched from us and now its high time for PCB and our Players to wake up and start doing some thing on the ground.

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  1. I do appreciate your feeling,forget past,ups and downs are part of not only the games but of our lives too.there is a big clash among India and Pakistan,my sinciere advice is to take it easy either we won or other wise.wish you best.Shahid.


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