Losing sovereignty

The now or never situation has reached. Pakistan has been losing its sovereignty for Americans since war on terror was initiated. This war initially cost Pakistanis lose nationalism and no the entire nation. The ongoing ambiguity of relations each government in Pakistan has been establishing with world’s super power since independence is taking Pakistan no where.

Independence entirely depends on sovereignty. And this sovereignty has to be practical not just verbally legal because if it’s lost once it cannot be regained or retrieved. The government that is no longer coalition but of PPP must make decisions on long term basis or a country like Afghanistan that has always depended on Pakistan would continue daring a nuclear power. In appropriate and unwanted international visits must be avoided. The leaders must utilize their time in making decisions rather than statements.

1 thought on “Losing sovereignty”

  1. All politicians and army officers are sold out. We need a real man as our leader who could talk to americans and told them that we will revert with more powerful attack on your forces, if you dare to attack within our borders but alas we have black sheeps and dancing ducks as our leader.


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