Losers Once Again

In the civilized democratic world all issues are settled through dialogue, and it seems that the present government is not ready to find an amicable solution to the present crisis. It is also evident from the violent volley of personal attacks and the dirty politics that no sane heads are in place and nobody is understanding the gravity of the matter.

Things are very murky and the temperament are very hot. Reconciliation is good but it is necessary to lower political temperatures first. If system collapses, then somebody has to intervene in the matters and we all know who is there to intervene happily at the short notice.

The major responsibility lies upon the Asif Ali Zardari. He has initiated this crisis and its him who has to end it before it gets too late. PML(N) should try to lower political tensions to make the environment conducive for the success of mediatory efforts being made by certain politicians. Pakistani politics seems to be the stuff made up of unspeakable tragedies and follies and blunders of gigantic nature.

Limelight is on the Pakistan and as the Afghanistan is getting more tough for the US and its allies and as Barack Obama is weighing his options and trying to get some immediate results to actually prove the change slogan, and the whole world is looking towards Pakistan and we should show political maturity as confrontation would weaken democracy in the country.

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