Looming Fears

Now it’s just a matter of time that the co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party, Asif Ali Zardari becomes the next President of Pakistan, and now almost all the independent members from all the provincial and federal assemblies have given their support to Zardari publicly and quite a chunk of media is also supporting the man.

But a large portion of people in the country, which comprises the majority and have no say in the affairs of the state are ill at ease at this prospect and they are wondering about their future and above all the future of the country. The civilian dictatorship is once again ready to take over the country, which will harm everybody.

The ANP, MQM, BNP, JUI-F, the PPP(Sherpao) and even Qazi Husain Ahmed have announced that they will accept him as president if he is elected. The common man wonders about all these parties, who had earlier supported General Musharraf and now they are rallying behind the Zardari, who was once the most despicable man in Pakistan, more known by his kickbacks.

The PPP co-chairman seems to be a mere three days away from the presidency, and public is very edgy and wondering what sort of Ramadan blessing they are getting.

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  1. when the religious, pious men are hypocrites, when the saviour of people on frontiers are antagonists, when the entire polity is self centered leaping and grabing short term material gains …. and when blatant lies from the top is but destiny of the masses, how difficult it is to hear a good news and yet not to believe it!!!! hear about salvation and yet be skeptical about results!!! its the worst nightmare, the perperual ZULM from these MUNAFIQEEN in the name of religion, army and polity. May Allah save thsi country!!!


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