Look Smarter Than U R

If you can’t help it, and cant suppress the habit of all talk and no action, you must not let other know it. You must always try to look smarter than you are. That unctuous and oily tongue of yours could save you lots of trouble, but only if you manage the things smartly.

All talk, no action phenomenon is best utilized at the offices. When your boss gives you work to do, the first thing you do is figure out the possibilities for blame so that nothing bad ever ricochets to you in any case. Before even thinking about escaping the work, first identify the sacrificial goat around you.

Meetings are where a common boss decides who from his team is smart or who is dumb. In meetings, always chip in, always try to talk, interfere in other’s talk, give out your opinion. But before spitting out your view, make sure you use arcane language. Use meaningless examples, exaggerated gestures, esoteric terminologies and produce an artificial glint in your eyes and an intelligent frown on your forehead.

You know, revealing the fact that you want to remain static and unchanged will blast you out from office, so always be a staunch proponent of change. Be the first to propose it and also be the first to avoid it.

Always be ready to undermine your colleagues in front of the big boss. Don’t point out their tangible things, criticize their intangible traits like lack of interest, rude attitude and yes lack of initiative and solo flights.

And now by giving the answer to my conscience call, I must mention that if you are really an honest professional, don’t do the above things, just work, deliver the goods, add the value and give out your candid opinion, which you deem best for the interest of company and last but not certainly the least, help others.

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