The vast majority of scientists consider the social loneliness a typical drawback of contemporary society, to correct abnormality to eradicate. The loneliness means isolation, lack of affection and support and psychological maladjustment, perhaps insufficient acquisition of social skills. A man with unfit condition, which, as Aristotle said, is a social animal. ”

It is the young man who is not listening within the family and is unable to adapt to conformism peer, or has to be measured with obsolete institutions and prospects for the future at least uncertain. It is that of woman, maybe relegated at home in a role that does not recognize as their own, a prisoner of prejudices and customs. It may be that the worker out early from productive world, governed by its strict laws, which is not solidarity among peers who do not understand or feel that maybe it unfairly blames.

It is certainly the one that concerns, and confused in loneliness and is uncomfortable in a world that is fast, unable to take back all the changes, deadlines, ideologies, values and standards that overlap round and round.

Certainly the modern cities, conceived now only channel for car traffic and convulsively contemporary lifestyle not facilitating social contacts. Indigenous communities where experiment solidarity are unfortunately only a utopia sociological. Economic development seems to have selected a type of man whose psychology revolves around his small family and its own advantage. Competitiveness, which admits no breath, no favors convivial occasions for meetings, dialogue, holiday. In a society where no one is truly come, there is no time to devote to friendship and togetherness.

The loneliness, then, yes pathology, but it would be a mistake to consider only in this respect. There is also the other side of the coin. Loneliness can also be a wonderful opportunity for development and welfare of humanity. An opportunity to exploit values. A condition sought instead suffered.

The inability to be at least a few hours of the day alone, dependency by the presence of others, may be that, the light of some inner malaise, some inadequacy. These are the same psychologists who stress that the acquisition of the same psychological maturity, self-staff, the authenticity we strongly urge.

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