Lodge’s Rule

President General (r) Musharraf is holding frantic talks and meetings with the royally defeated lotas and turncoats of PML-Quisling in the shoddy drawing rooms of the Army House, which now he dearly calls President’s Lodge.

Despite of the fact that nation has categorically given its verdict on 18th February and now things are entirely different of what they were months ago, President and his toadies are not accepting the light of the day. President has clearly said that he is the elected President for the next five years, and do not in any case intend to leave the throne no matter what.

It seems that we are in for some ugly and turbulent scenes ahead, and as President Musharraf has publicly spoken against the restoration of judges, it is hard that he would accep their reinstatement by heart. He is sure to fight against it tooth and nail.

That would be another test for the nerves of the newly elected winning parties PML-N and PPP, and especially PPP would have to be very careful of the fifth columnists in their rows, as there members are more prone to faltering and given their dubious stance on the judiciary and the fate of President, they are more easily to be cajoled.

President Musharraf should also accept the will of the people, and in the larger interest of the country, he should resign now and save himself some points.

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  1. Those who love power become blind. Musharraf is probably the only one in Pakistan who thinks that the people still want him to stay on. He should quit listening to his advisors and read a few newspapers instead.


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