Locals Lashkars Against Taliban

Despite of the recurring suicide attacks on the national Lashkars of the tribes, and despite of government’s failure to provide security adn safety to these Lashkars, the tribal elders are going with their own efforts to curb the militancy from the tribal region to ensure the well being of their people, who are migrating from the area in hordes and are in very ill conditions in the camps around Peshawar and Mardan.

The activities of the Lashkars are especially very active in the Bajaur agency. Mamond Qaumi Lashkar demolished the houses of five militants after the expiry of the deadline given to the militants in Kiga area of Mamond tehsil in Bajaur Agency. The tribal elders said the militants were neither allowed to disturb the situation nor challenge the writ of the government. They said the lashkar would fight against the militants till the complete elimination of insurgency in the area.

That is a very welcome sign that the locals are themselves understanding the perils of militancy and the terrorism, and government should also make the world powers aware of this struggle and if world powers are really serious in solving the matter, they must help the local Lashkars publicly.

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