Load Shedding in Karachi and Elsewhere

One of key difference between a developing country and a developed (a.k.a civilized) country is the power management. Electricity has become a basic need, and its unhindered, continuous and smooth supply is the necessity, but in countries like Pakistan, its still a luxury and more or less an elusive dream.

Whether it is the mega city like Karachi or a remote small city like Kohat, the aggravated story of dismal power supply remains the same. Throughout the country, in all the four provinces, in every major or minor city, in every town or village, there nothing exist like solid and robust power supply.

The so-called load-shedding remains the integral part of rural and urban life. It docent even go away in winter, but in the summer, it becomes the thorn in the eye. The abuse and curses WAPDA gets in summer, if written on paper and loaded on Titanic, Titanic wouldn’t require a storm to get drowned.

Hide and seek role played by electricity only irate the consumers more. It not only snatches the mental and physical peace, but also results in massive financial losses in regard of electronic appliances. Frequent power breakdowns have turned lives of people miserable.

Whenever the protests are raised, government’s obstinate clowns shrug and with an intelligentand scornful frown blame the scarce water storage units. Whose fault it is? Who has to resolve these issues? of course, its the government duty. That is why they are the government. Its their responsibility provide the people with basic utilities like power supply and others. If there are problems, they are the ones to resolve them, if they can’t do it, they have no right to remain in power. And people, why in the hell we always elect these people with vested interest who always deceive us?

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  1. The government says that there is evidence that those causing trouble in the city have links to the. Taliban Federal Interior Minister stated that this assassination could be the work of Taliban-linked militant groups. But MQM, representing the city’s majority Urdu-speaking community, blamed the attack on a rival political force, the Awami National Party which is a representative of Karachi ‘s ethnic Pashtun population. It has been seen that these two major political forces have routinely blamed each other for deadly attacks on their activists.
    As we know that we are quite emotional as a nation. We react to the things emotionally while completely forgetting its adverse outcome. We must understand that during such trying times Pakistan needs our honest and patient services more than it needs impulsive reactions. Karachities are compelled to live amongst all this chaos and mayhem, while those responsible for public safety have scores of armed vehicles escorting their movement across the city. The Police and Rangers are nothing more than silent spectators in the face of killings and arson. The ruling alliance claiming support of masses, do nothing but blame all and sundry. The opposition , Judiciary the civil society, the intelligentsia are just silent spectators of Karachi bleeding. It won’t be totally wrong to say that these outbreaks of violence in the city have exposed the helplessness and inability of the government to perform its basic duty which is to protect its citizens.

  2. Load shedding is a tool used by the government and establishment to get the people of pakistan to overlook what is happening on our borders and in the country. At the same time it is proving to be an important resource for current corrupt government to make money out of this crisis. The authority incharge is so incompetent that they even don’t know that their website is hacked and is distrubuting a trojan to it’s visitors.

  3. To be honest , I have had it till now … I mean how long will we keep bearing all this nonsense .. incompetence of a few is leading to frustration and demotivation of many …

    We need to protest for regsignation of all the top management of KESC , PEPCO, Wapda and the ministers of the related ministries as they have failed badly to deliver.

    Out of frustration I wrote this post …


    I hope we could get hold of somebody with some honest solutions to the electricity crisis.

    Regards ,


  4. salam hasan…to be honest we r very lucky even to get electricity…expect more blackouts in future…consumption rising but production falling behind…we need more dames for sure.

    but since you ask an honest question…i will point you to the new solution by bloom energy which produces electricity from a variety of fuels like bio gas, natural gas etc…all with much less pollution.

    technology was invented by an indian origin scientist and is based on fuel cells.

    a refrigerator sized bloom box can produce enough electricity to power 500 pakistani homes or if you have piped gas in your home then you can buy a small 6″ box to power your own home from gas. the cost and efficiency needs to be explored further.

    finally there is a limit to how much hydro energy you can generate and even large scale power plants consume a lot of water and pollute heavily…we need to turn to innovative solutions including solar and wind.

  5. salam sir thanks to coperate me, and my research is energic crisis in pakistan electricity and loadshading in karachi city sir plz give me more information loadshading in karachi.

  6. hasan

    you ask very good questions, let me try to help you

    “1,due to shortage of water in dames”
    when you dont have good dames, the output result is not good too…this affects the entire population

    “2,due to wastage of power”
    call it wastage or misuse of power…top to bottom

    “3,due to use in illigal electricity[like kunda system]”
    jot just electicity but the use of illegal means to achieve anything pervaizes the entire country

    “what is the reason”
    you must find and understand the true meaning of my words

  7. hi its me hasan i have just information of loadshading in karachi city what is reasons. and sir plz give me some information loadshading in karachi city.
    1,due to shortage of water in dames 2,due to wastage of power 3,due to use in illigal electricity[like kunda system] what is the reason

  8. The way we’re heading to, is all about devastating and self-destruction..
    People of Pakistan have been squeezed by all these ongoing phenomena..
    We pay bills, taxes, then why we don’t acquire basic/fundamental utilities which are part of our daily life, business ?
    GOVT. should’ve to remove the circular debt. and make some long term arrangment to pay out the power generating conpanies time by time so that, even the Nation don’t face this unfortunate thing in their life.. PLEASE !!

  9. Pakistan though it will raise a lot of eye brows is a failed country and has miserfably failed in providing any amenity to its unfortunate citizens over the last 60 years. The plight of load shedding has simply increased the miseries of people who are already panting under dearth of essential commodities, high unemployment, unprecedented price hike, virutally no healthcare, fragile education system and law and order. In this country the victims of problems such a load sheeding there is no redressal. One really wonders as to who would listen to his complaints and resolve them. SO in such a situation who else is to be blamed it is the country itself. Why not politicians, bureaucracy, military or civil society, becasuse when you term Pakistan a failed country it simply means all these elements have looted and pillaged this country so much since its so called independence that nothing has been left in it. If country is the name of mountains, rivers, roads street and people then every country has them it is the ruling class and society, which makes a country successful or otherwise. Pakistan has failed becasue its people have failed. So we do not expect any respite from plights that we so unfortunately deserve to be the citizens of this doomed country. Whether you agree with my comments or not, whether you publish it or not but this is the feeling of all Pakistanis not just me. You cannot push the garbage under the carpet and feel that everything is ok on surface.

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