Little Menace, Bigger Projection

In a New York Times opinion piece, Peter Bergen, author of “Holy War, Inc.,” and Swati Pandey argued that the Islamic terrorists behind many of the attacks against the West are well-educated – not brainwashed youth from madrassahs, or Islamic schools. In a sampling of 75 terrorists involved in attacks against Westerners, they found that 53 percent had attended college – a figure slightly higher than US averages. ” Madrassahs are not and should not be considered a threat to the United States,” the authors wrote.

That is yet another dangerous dimension which is taken by the American Intelligenstia fed to them by the Indian RAW, which wants to destabilize the whole of Pakistan, and want America to intervene in every fabric of the Pakistani society, and they want to weaken Pakistan from the root, and from the core.

The thing is that the menace of terrorism is not as big as it is being projected, and not everyone is terrorist in the country, and they terrorists who are wrecking havoc in the country are just handful and doing all this satanic stuff on the whim and approval of the countries like India and Israel.

The time has come that Pakistan retaliate to India in the same language.

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  1. Is there a bigger terrorist breeding jehadi factory in the world than Pakistan? Except brainwashed Pakistanis, the whole world knows that the world’s terrorist nerve centre is Pakistan.

    The biggest enemy of the Pakistani people is not India, Israel or US or the European Union. Its the corrupt Pakistan army and the ISI which doesnt want to have peaceful relations with its neighbours. Or else how will the Pakistani army have its fun with looting all the coffers?

    Inspite of so many coups, the Pakistanis never learn and that’s the sad part.


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