Life’s dimensions

(This post is written with the help of the current book that Im reading these days. Its a mixture of my thoughts and what theories the book explains)

I believe we are born in this dimension with a lot to explore. Life, all in our hands to shape but after an extent out of our controlls.I am becoming a staunch believer of the theory!

We come to this world with an open link to higher dimensions.The curiousity lessens the more we involve with worldly affairs_that is the more we grow.

With this awareness of our Soul, we can often view our highest spiritual lives. The awareness, which we achieved in those lives, can be a great teacher to us and can assist us in remembering lives, beyond the fourth dimension.

In the lives in which we complete our spiritual initiation, we are able to lift the veil of illusion and journey consciously into the fifth dimension and beyond. Our highest spiritual lives can help us to remember our destiny and perceive our multidimensional SELF. As each one of us takes the responsibility for healing, balancing, and raising our personal energy fields, we also assist the planet in doing the same.

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