My first post to this blog and my favorite topic to write on : LIFE

Well, well I am not a philospher and this post contains no hard philosphies of any great scholar:)

These are the shattered views outta clumsy mind!

Life …to me is too short to live. Life as I see is a multiplexer which takes in a lot many rays and gives one single output.

The whole of our lives we keep on strugling.. struggling for money, better standards, food, living…struggling for life itself.

Yes, I believe one even struggles for life.

Life is not the process of a fleshy body mounted on bones breathing.

Life is to live..laughter, purity, love.

Life is to strive making this world a better place to live, to love humanity, to make a crying child smile…

Life is to live and to let others live.

Lets all makethis world a better place to live and help in letting others have a life as well.

Happy blogging!

4 thoughts on “Life”

  1. life is a mystery… neither understood completely nor a question answered till today.

    umar said in his comment that you should do what your heart says… i’d like to add something which i believe he will surely agree…

    when you’re heart and mind say the same thing, there is not even a speck of doubt that things will go wrong… and such a decision or move is always the best at that time, for which no alternative is better off.

    the true spirit of life itself is to enjoy. the more time you enjoy and free your mind and body, the better you feel at the end of the day.

    so, to wear off any of the tense situations you face throughout the day at work or wherever, make sure you spend some time doing at least one thing that you truly love and enjoy.. trust me… you’ll love what you live for…

    enjoy… the sunscreen….

  2. Life

    Life is beautiful if we know how ot live it. Good Post by Unaiza and nice comment from umar. A definition of is that Life is a multi-faceted concept. Life may refer to the ongoing process of which living things are a part; the period between the birth (or a point at which the entity can be considered to be living) and death of an organism; the condition of an entity that has been born (or reached the point in its existence at which it can be established to be alive) and has yet to die; and that which makes a living thing alive.

  3. great first post… indeed… life is a complicated thing to write about… but to put it simply… life is following your own intuitions and doing what your heart says… even if the entire world turns against you but if you heart says thats the right thing to do then stick to it…
    life spent in following someone else’s dreams is a life wasted.


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