Life of a Freelancer

Its fantastic enough to think that becoming a boss of yourself means bliss everywhere. Rhetorically, its ideal to just fire your boss and setup your own personal empire, where you are the king and you are the slave. Its not that simple and rosy. For one thing, it takes perseverance, time, determination, resolve, sheer hard work, frustration, passions, money and shrewdness to pursue a successful freelancing career.

One has to know that working as a freelancer doesn’t mean that you can wake up at 11 in the morning, and spend two or three hours working, while stretching yourself on the settee, and in the background your wife is telling you about today’s lunch menu along with the inevitable moaning of your child. It also doesn’t mean that you would have free evenings and free weekends and you would receive fat check every day, and you could set your work timings according to your whim.

Why everybody wants to be a freelancer? Because, the rewards are larger than the usual employment. The relaxation and peace of mind is much much higher than usual 9 to 5 routine. For example, as a freelancer, if you normally work from, say, 8 to 6, and if on some day, you just for the heck of it, don’t feel like working, you can leave your work at 3, and you go out, have a chat or banana milk shake, and then pay a visit to a buddy’s home, you can do it without second thoughts. Its un-imaginable in the traditional employment.

Freelancing world is much bigger than the narrow, short-sighted, small world of a company, no matter how big it is. Its like comparing a sea to the pond. So be prepared for 100 miles high waves, redoubtable storms and bloody sharks; but, ah yes, the catch is also bigger, but to carry the catch to the shores requires hard work, power and perseverance.

4 thoughts on “Life of a Freelancer”

  1. In the second phase you try to stand up and build your own company the tasks become harder so does the management and control over your projects and your office. The truth is that it breaks your back one too many times but depending on your social standing and professional capabilities one can succeed. I am not too sure here in Pakistan it takes only sheer hard work to make it all happen:) nonetheless its THE major factor behind rags to riches!

  2. I just love the freelance life.. its truly a blessing.

    And I second fahd, each gem you produce adds value to your portfolio and can come in very handy for future projects.

  3. @ Raza: I am perplexed as how it doesnt count towards professional experience as every accomplished freelance gets inserted into your portfolio and you could refer to it in your future task bids.


  4. yeah, been doing it for two years now. The only downside, and quite a downside it is, is that it doesn’t count towards professional experience.


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