Life is not always like that you plan…

One has to face much confusion and so a way should be paved out of all these. Life is not as easy as thought. One thinks of life as very beautiful and easy. Fantasy leads to building castles in air. One starts to move away from reality and thinks that every thing is fantastic. A lot many times when the plans are obstructed or not implemented as wished, one gets very upset and obsessed. The only way one finds is to stop planning about the future and that’s really the true way to live a normal life. Speaking truly, life is much more practical and tough than ever fantasized because you are not the only one to live your own life. Several other people greatly try to impose their ideas and impact your life.

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  1. Life is a challenge. Life is a Exam. In every creature human beings are in good and respectful position due to his mind, which can tells him whether the step he is going to take is right or wrong. Every thing has its own aim and created by a creature. No thing was made without creator. We also created many things in this world for our own profit. WE all are agree about this that no single thing was made without a creator. How it is truth, the same side nothing was made without the aim. We want to protect outself from many problems, we made clothes. you can research and findout then the same answer will be come forward. So we have to think first about our creator, who gives us this Life and for what purpose. When we knows this than our Life will be in good position especially in peace. Yah Life is not like that always what we plan. Just before this message you planned some thing, but after reading this message you thinking something special. Everybody thinks different, those thoughts may be profitable for somebody and difficult to somebody. No matter, why this happens because we are humanbeings with may drawbacks and weaknesses. But in the world you can see, lot of problems and acts and isms were faild and going to be failed because of some selfishness in those proposals. But without any selfishness can any body serve us, yes that is GOD, to whome Scientist may call as Super Power. But without that super power nothing can be run in this creature are world. we are paying some amount for electricity and petrol or fuel as like for every thing. But think ones that what you have in your body, who gives u those parts and talents, skills, and your breathing the air without paying any cost to any body, you are using rain water you are using sees for ships, you are flying in the air without any permission. Yah everything for you Oh human being. But you have to think fast about for which purpose these infrastructure has given to us. Who give us all things. Who arranged the system of world in which the Sun rises and sets in a particular time, on the basis we designed the clock. Wo arranged this system. Think about him. He planned some thing special and he only able to fulfill his plans in a complete manner as he is the super power (GOD). So when our plans designed according to his plan and his teachings then nothing will be happened new and life will goes on peaceful ship. So think about GOD and remember that GOD is only One for all. (ALLAH HAFIZ)


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