Life in a Clutter

ClutterI just cleaned out my drawers a while ago and this is how I am feeling: ‘phew!’.

Knowing that your place is in a clutter sort of clogs your life. This is because wherever you look, you are met with a mess so you ultimately feel bogged down. For the past few days, I had been completely ignoring the condition of my room. All my books and stuff would be lying everywhere. My beanbag was covered by clothes and bags. I didn’t bother making my bed and you get the picture. And this had me pretty much on the edge. I was becoming something of a slouch. Hence, today, I decided to take things into my own hands. Starting with my bed side drawers that had all sorts of sentimental junk I had been stuffing there for over a year.

Believe you me, it helps! You have created space for more important things and as a whole, you do feel better.

Moreover, while I was at it I learnt to my frustration that I had bought so many useless trinkets over the past year that had come of no use to me. I should have thought better than mindlessly buying stuff just for the hay of it. I think that’s a habit I got from my mum. She buys a lot of stuff and stores it in her storeroom. I mean that place doesn’t even have walking space. It is so filled with things that my mum has bought over the years. Pillow covers, bedsheets, clothes, baskets, purses, barrettes. You name it and the storeroom’s got it! I think it’s a habit of ours to shop excessively and waste money on everything that catches our eye. As if we want to fill the spaces in our lives’ and have material things around us that make us feel secure.

Just thinking about this has given me an insight into a habit of mine that has its roots very deep in our lives’.

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