Life Freedom

Every day we eat meat for iron, Banana for potassium, eggs for vitamin and a Cup of green tea without sugar to prevent diabetes but with lemon to avoid the side effects of copper content in it, that would stimulate radicals free and then the aging.

Every day we have to drink two liters of water. We must eat 3 to 4 meals daily, without forgetting to chew 100 times each mouthful. Ah! and after each meal must brush your teeth, specially after milk and bread, must wash your teeth after the apple, after the banana… and so on until you are left with teeth in your mouth, massage the gums with Listerine …

Better widen the bathroom and put the CD player, because with water, bread and teeth, we will spend several hours in there. We need eight hours to sleep and to work eight other, We must maintain friendships that are like plants, need water every day. Moreover, we must keep ourselves informed and read at least two newspapers and a couple of magazine articles, for a critical reading.

In short, to make it short, i have 24 hours a day. The only opportunity comes to my mind is doing several things simultaneously do you shower with cold water and with your mouth open, so you can drink two liters of water. while exit from the bathroom with the brush do the reading stuff.

And thank goodness that we have grown, if not should gulp milk for extra calcium every day. Now I will leave you, because yogurt, apple, liters of water and then meal of the day, not so much already what I am doing, but I feel that I must move urgently to cease. So it Benefit for washing teeth ….

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