Let’s Pray

Yeah, what else we could do?

Once again the matter of the restoration of the judges and the impeachment of Musharraf seems to be in limbo, and once again another date of meeting has been given, though its just tomorrow, but given the past experiences it seems that there is very low possibility of any positive and solid outcome.

We could only hope that Asif Ali Zardari look beyond his infamous and notorious and disgusting National Reconciliation Ordinance, and sense the apprehensions and the agony of the people. He must hear beyond the unctuous voices of Farooq Naek and Sherry Rehman, and he must ignore the infinite wisdom of Rehman Malik, and use his common sense.

What PPP planned and did in the meeting between Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif over lunch was to compel Nawaz Sharif and his team and decided that they would be given the option that PPP was ready to restore all judges with their seniority and they should take oath under the Constitution and resume duty.

Let’s pray that PML-N doesn’t get entangled in that trap.

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